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7 Reasons Why Blogging Is Essential for Your Business

These days, all marketers should know how important building a positive online presence is for businesses. From SEO to going viral on social media, creating the right content can drive traffic and sales in innumerable ways.

It has been revealed that 77% of internet users read blogs. Therefore, failing to produce a blog to engage with your market is not an option.

In this article, we will explore some of the top benefits blogs are bringing to your business and why they are becoming such a crucial part of digital marketing.

Position your organization as industry experts

It can be difficult to establish a strong brand reputation. However, earning one will make it far easier to increase market share and sales. One of the easiest ways to begin building your reputation is to start sharing relevant news, advice, and analysis via blogs.

Take a look through the websites of the biggest businesses in your industry and you will notice that the best of them all have a blog where they can share their news and insights. Aside from all the benefits of increased traffic and sales that we will unpack later, sharing quality information can also improve your brand reputation, display your business as industry leaders, even if you are not, and create a snowball of good publicity as your content is shared and linked to across the internet.

Easily follow the latest trends

Keeping up to date with the latest industry news and trends can be difficult. Most types of content can take a while to create and by that time you may have missed out on a new trend. Fortunately, aside from basic social media posts, blogs are one of the fastest types of content to produce.

This means that they are the perfect way to quickly get involved in the most popular news and topics of the day. Sharing expert insights and commenting on changes in your industry almost immediately like this, will help you win more traffic to your website and should lead to more sales.

Engage the community on social media

As explained above, posting regularly on your blog is an easy way to keep up-to-date with industry trends. This will become even more useful when you start sharing the content you produce on social media.

How often have you received strong engagement on a social post, only to realize it is linking to an article on another business’s website? By creating your content, you can easily begin to share more engaging social posts that link back to your site and, once your website is getting more visits it is far easier to convert them into sales.

Guest posts

If you are new to an industry it can be hard to get your name heard and establish a market. Paid advertising can be useful for this, but a well-placed and high-quality guest post can be even more successful.

Guest posts are original blogs or other types of content that you write to be included on another website, usually a website that is relevant to your own. For example, if you are a flooring business you might try to have a blog included on different paving options to appear on the website of a gardening or construction supply store. Having a blog featured on a popular and relevant website is valuable for your PR. It can help establish your brand, boost your reputation, bring in more visitors and ultimately lead to increased sales.

Earn backlinks

In addition to driving traffic and interest in your brand, there are more technical reasons for wanting to get content with links to your website included on other sites. The more quality websites you have linking to your site, the stronger Google will believe your site to be.

Google is always trying to preference the most useful sites. So, if a website that Google believes to be strong and trusted, links to your website. Then this will help your site appear to be trusted too and it is, therefore, more likely to be preferred by Google and appear higher up for relevant searches.

There are a couple of metrics you can use when deciding whether to try and earn a backlink from a website. The Trust Flow and Citation Flow metrics, invented by Majestic, can give you an indication of how trusted and how linkable a website is.

A high Trust Flow would be considered anything greater than 50; whereas the citation flow should be equal to a 0.50 ratio. So, if the Trust Flow is 50 then citation flow needs to be between 25 and 75 for the website to be trustworthy. The closure to the 1:1 ratio you get, the more trusted the site will be.

Improve your SEO

We should all know how beneficial strong SEO can be for your brand. However, with so much of the work required involving the inclusion of multiple keyword phrases it can be difficult to find places to work them in. You don’t want to make the wording on your homepage and other key pages come across as spammy or you will risk making your site disengaging for visitors.

Instead, your keywords can be worked into your website far more subtly via your blog. This way you can regularly release top-quality and on-topic content that improves your SEO for those core keywords, while also allowing you to easily adjust your keyword strategy and target new terms. This can be even more beneficial for niche businesses.

Having a strong blog means it is far more likely that Google will find your website. As websites with blogs typically have 434% more pages indexed by Google and visible in the search results pages.

Soft selling

Blogs are a fantastic way to promote your brand and make sales through soft selling. Through subtle wording and a gentle content-led approach, many brands find it cost-effective to engage and sell to customers through creating original content rather than paying for banner ads or other more blatant ‘buy now’ approaches like PPC and banner ads. This is the preferred advertising type for 80% of businesses, which demonstrates how successful this type of promotion can be.

Let’s look at the example of a flooring company selling treatments and installing floors. A helpful blog like this one on wood floor care tips could be a great way to engage with potential customers. Although they are not specifically looking to buy a wooden floor or any treatments, they are interested in protecting their floor from damages and are likely to have a wooden floor that might need replacing in the future.

As you can see there are many different benefits to starting a blog. From strengthening your site’s SEO to engaging with potential customers, blogs are usually cost-effective and time well spent, regardless of the size of your business. The benefits of creating a blog post that gets picked up by your target market should not be underestimated.

Any business that feels like achieving this is not worth their time, should take note of what their biggest competitors are doing as this should highlight the value. Just keep in mind that, in this highly connected world, creating original content can make or break your business. So please carefully consider the topics you discuss and what opinions you would like your brand to reflect.