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How to Search Engine Optimize Your Blog Content

Search Engine Optimization is very important if you want to share the contents of your blog on the internet, or if you want more people to visit your blog. Search Engine Optimization is a huge marketing strategy, and there are SEO companies all over the world that provide the service.

There are many SEO companies that can guide you on how to best utilize the search engine optimization for your website or your blog. If you just type SEO Company on Google, you will see dozens of result pages filled with websites of companies which offer these services.

But in this article, I will guide you on how to search engine optimize your blog content yourself. Google’s new algorithm for search engine optimization is very advanced, and it looks for many things on your website or blog, like domain name, content etc. It looks to see if the content is unique or if it has been copied from somewhere else and so much more. So here are a number of ways to SEO your blog.


The content on your blog must be well researched and it should contain keywords. Keywords are very important. There are online programs that generate keywords for you, related to the topic of your blog. You can also use these programs to see what keywords other bloggers are using on the same topic. Google offers a keyword program, called the Google AdWords: Keyword Planner.

However, you must not use too many keywords in the blog. Search engines don’t like that and think you’re only doing that to ensure your blog shows up on the search. It’s called keyword-stuffing and it does more damage than good to the SEO of your blog.

Optimizing Images:

A good blog post also contains images related to the topic. These images should also contain keywords or texts that explain the relevance of the image to the search engine.


You can use the keywords in the URL of your blog as well because it helps the search engine to know what your blog is about. It is very important in SEO.

Meta Descriptions:

Meta descriptions also helps the search engine to decide what the content in a particular blog is about if the description contains good keywords.

Mobile Friendly:

Make sure that your blog is mobile friendly because according to Google, majority of people search with their phones.